Believe With Me’s Biggest Day Yet!

Yesterday was the biggest “pinch me I can’t believe this is happening” day ever.


Not only was it Judson’s 10th birthday (which meant our special date day was spent doing some pretty amazing things) but it was the day we closed on Karen and Billy Vaughn’s new home. It was the day YOU helped give this family their piece of the American Dream. It was the day that all of your prayers, shares, and donations culminated in one of America’s Gold Star families being able to purchase a home after the loss of their son. You did that. I helped. Together, we did something pretty *&^%$#@!! amazing and I just wanted to share the day with you so that YOU could see what YOU helped do.

Man, lemme just start by saying y’all are all %^%$##!! amazing in my book and I love you.

Ok. Enough gushing…on with the sharing!

First Judson and I went to Home Depot, where the managers helped me with the grant application process. Home Depot is seriously the most amazing place to visit if you are seeking help for a veteran’s cause. They jump all over it and several employees teared up as I told them about what you and I are doing. It was awesome.


This is my view at the attorney’s office during the closing. He was kinda confused as to why I was there with this kid of mine. Then came time for the big check…

He asked Karen, “Do you have the check?”

“Nu-uh…”she said, smiling my way.

Who are you?” he asked me.

Judson beamed.

Karen answered, “She’s the reason we even got the house…” and she went on to tell our story about how each of you have given them this incredible opportunity to once again own a home in the country their son gave his life for.

“OH MY GOSH you guys are THE Vaughns! I should have known as I was going over the paper work! I’m so sorry that I didn’t recognize your names! Please forgive me! I…I am so sorry for your loss, although I am sure you hear that all the time.” He scrambled for words.

“It means so much every time,”replied Karen.

The attorney was crying.

Billy was silent. And that takes something…because Billy’s a talker. The magnitude of the moment was so overwhelming and so powerful as I handed the check to the attorney and realized that the impossible had just happened.

And that’s why this non-profit is called Believe With Me. Because together, if you’ll #believewithme, we can accomplish some pretty crazy stuff!

In the parking lot, Billy and Karen tried to thank me. Tried to explain how they felt. Honestly, for once I can say I truly understand how they felt.

You see, I’ve wanted to find a way to adequately say thank you to America’s Gold Star families for years. How do you say “thank you” for the gift of freedom? How do you properly show gratitude for someone who gave you liberty with the life of their child? There truly isn’t a way to give thanks for that kind of gift–except to give back in a way that is above and beyond their expectations. To give them something that is a gift from not just yourself, but truly on behalf of the entire nation. And yesterday, I think it would be pretty hard to guess who was actually more grateful for this opportunity…them, or me.

So I am thanking YOU. Thank you for believing with me. For giving generously. For giving me the opportunity to stand in the gap with you and give back to this family that has given us all so much.

Billy is wearing his Aaron Vaughn Operation300 shirt, and yes, my shirt has gold stars on it. What a day, y’all. What a bleeping day.

Judson and I went out for a celebratory pizza after the closing. Sausage and pepperoni…his favorite.

And then we went to the Vaughn’s new house. I had to meet with some contractors who will be helping us with the renovation of this home and I just wanted to share with you a picture of what YOU helped purchase!

And then look who stopped by! The proud new home owners!!! What an incredible journey you have all partnered alongside me to travel! Y’all, just wait till you see this place completed. Now the real fun begins!


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