The House That Love Built

It was the craziest 9 days of our lives. Completing The House That Love Built for Karen and Billy Vaughn was a whirlwind of hard work and relying on Jesus to bring the project to fruition. I am seriously just now able to come up for air.

When we started on March 3, I had very few contractors actually committed to the work, and even less of an idea of the total cost, who would be volunteering, and how exactly all this would come together. About the only thing I knew was that God had brought us this far, he would be faithful to finish the work… almost despite how clueless I was.

And boy, did He.

I can hardly wait to share with all of you the photos of the finished product! I’ll also be sharing a complete list of businesses and MVPs who came on the scene– without who– we would never have been able to complete this work. There are stories of hilarity and miraculous provision that will no doubt build your faith in God and wash away some synicism. But for now, I just want to tell you this:

Thank you.

Thank you for believing with me. 

Thank you for contributing…

You contributed by praying, sharing on social medias, donating, giving from our Target registry, giving food, running errands, or physically laboring to get this incredible gift of love, honor, and gratitude into the hearts and hands of two of America’s Gold Star parents. So many of you helped make this possible. So many of you gave. So many of you were right there with us in spirit, no matter how many miles away you were…and I could completely sense your prayers! I know they are what sustained our family and our incredible team of worker bees as we completed what surely seemed impossible in record time.

The photo above was captured only moments before Karen and Billy Vaughn arrived for the big reveal. Bliss, my third oldest daughter and the official Art Director for our organization, was desperately trying to complete a sign. It now proudly hangs on the front of the home letting the world know that this home is a gift of love and gratitude to Billy and Karen Vaughn, given to them from thousands of grateful Americans in honor of  the loss of their son Aaron Vaughn. It is The House That Love Built.

They loved their son.

They raised him to love this country.

It was in love that his life was given fighting our enemy in Afghanistan.

And out of love, we all gave them this home to let them know that America remembers.

We are grateful.

And every person that worked that site will tell you, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to give back and serve a family that has given us so much!

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