Compassionate Capitalism

God is good to bring us on a journey that includes friends that become like family along the way. In our quest to bring hope and help to America’s Gold Star families, there have been a few individuals that have also brought their businesses along for the ride.

We met Chris Gannon because the Rebacks love fried chicken. At the time, Chris was managing a local PDQ franchise that his family owned. His family is of Outback Steakhouse, Carraba’s, Bonefish Grill, and PDQ fame. To say the  Gannon’s know a little bit about business is an understatement…to say they are grateful Americans would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Chris is, in fact, one of the first people I called when I had this crazy idea of intersecting civilians and Gold Star families, and he jumped in with both feet.

His dad, Tim, wasn’t far behind. Chris and Tim Gannon have given us food for nearly every event, opened their homes, brought other corporations on board, and been more than just a promoter of Believe With me…they have swung hammers and given of their talent, their time and effort as well. They understand the meaning of compassionate capitalism….and they have been eager to give back to America’s Gold Star families knowing that their success is because of the sacrifices of those who serve in our military.

It is for this reason that Chris Gannon was awarded the first “Aaron Vaughn Stocking” after our inaugural American Gold Star Christmas.  Chris leaves it on his mantle year round as a reminder that there are families all across this nation that have given their sons and daughters for our every freedom and opportunity. That reminder is why he has pushed himself beyond his preconceived capabilities and is set to open 5 new restaurants from a brand new concept in under 16 months time. His understanding of serving and giving has been shaped by intersecting with our Gold Star families…and our capacity to give back to those who have paid for our freedoms with their loved ones has been multiplied because of families like the Gannons. Chris’s wife Jacqui has also been an incredible support and encouragement throughout every project and I’m hoping their sweet baby girl Piper won’t mind an arranged marriage with our little Vaughn. 😉


So if you love our Gold Star families, then feel good about giving your hard earned money to restauranteurs like the Gannons. Go visit Bolay, PDQ, Outback Steakhouse, Carraba’s Italian Grill, Roy’s Restaurant, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, or Bonefish Grill.  Have a bloomin’ onion and know that every time you do, you’re helping us give back to those who have given us their ALL.



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