Nothing But The Best

It had been a rough couple of weeks nailing down supplies and support for #thehousethatlovebuilt for Karen and Billy Vaughn. One thing still looming large on my list was mattresses. Two bedrooms needed new mattresses and I had banged on the door of nearly every local mattress store from Martin and Palm Beach County I could find. I had email and phoned them all corporately and gotten no where. In desperation one day on the way home from swim practice with ten wet and hungry kids, I stopped off at City Mattress next to our neighborhood. I had already tried them by phone and email with no result, so this was a last ditch effort in person.

A lovely blond woman named Kelly Thompson greeted me from behind the desk.

I explained my plea.

This was for a home we were purchasing for a Gold Star family.

I had been everywhere.

I had been a City Mattress customer for years.

She looked me up in their database and saw that I was telling the truth.

“OH. I see that you HAVE purchased a lot of mattresses from us in the past.”

I smiled and explained that I had 16 kids and we had purchased them all from City Mattress.

After she recovered from the shock, she smiled gently.

“My dad was Navy. I get it. Let me see what I can do.”

I emailed her all the pertinent non-profit paperwork for her to approach corporate offices and plea for help. But that wasn’t going to be necessary.

As God would have it, the owner of the entire corporation just HAPPENED to walk into her store the very next day.

Marc Schiller, the handsome president and spokesperson for the company just decided to do a drop by and my new friend Kelly was working the floor. She approached Mr. Schiller and made the case that this Gold Star family needed new beds.

He responded automatically and emphatically. Not only would the Vaughn’s get two new mattresses, but they would get the best of the best.

A Prana Sleep mattress for both beds with a value of over $6000 each.


Here I had been banging on dozens of doors, pleading for anything from any mattress company– and in one short conversation my friend Kelly lands us one of our biggest donations to date.

So do business with City Mattress knowing your money is going to a company full of grateful Americans with a generous CEO who gave the very best to #thehousethatlovebuilt. Thank you Kelly Thompson and Marc Schiller and all those at City Mattress who worked hard to get us our delivery on time! We are thankful– but even more so the Vaughn’s are so appreciative! You should have seen Karen jumping up and down when she discovered the quality of her new beds! She had always dreamed of owning a Prana!


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