A Dream Come True

Many of you probably don’t know this…but the very idea of Believe With Me was born while I was doing a 5k race. I envisioned our family somehow putting on a race locally that would provide a way to fund our non-profit long before I even knew exactly what our non-profit would be doing.

Fast forward three years, and the impact of what Believe With Me has been doing across the country by giving #gratefulamericans an opportunity to give back to our #goldstarfamilies has caught the eye of national media like The Today Show and Fox and Friends, and many of my favorite local reporters like Shannon Cake and Ari Hait. That media attention also gave us some amazing supporters who decided that they could do something to help US help Gold Star families.

Que Bob Anderson.

A handsome fella who is a local running legend.

He also happens to be a Vietnam Veteran.

He approached me a few months ago and offered to put on a race, on Independence Day, in Tequesta’s beautiful Constitution Park, to benefit Believe With Me. He had no way of knowing that he was fulfilling a dream of mine.

Bob’s an amazing man. He’s big on giving back to the community but when he heard about what we had done over Christmas for 300 children of fallen soldiers, he couldn’t hold back the tears. He shared with David and I about when he got home from Vietnam and how he truly considered moving out of the country because of the hate and vitriol spewed out on our Vietnam Veterans. He refused to wear his uniform in public and was quite disillusioned for years following the unwinnable conflict.

But what Believe With Me was doing was making a big difference in Bob’s life. It was showing him that Americans are grateful. We do care. We do remember. We do honor our military service members. And I told Bob, without any hesitation at all, that any person that has worked a job or a project for Believe With Me was doing it not just for the Gold Star family we were serving immediately, but they were doing it for guys like Bob too. I told him about Mike Benigino, my air conditioning guy from #thehousethatlovebuilt for the Schumann family. Mike was a Vietnam Vet and he said just being on the job site helped him heal from years of painful rejection he had felt as a returning Vietnam soldier in the early 70’s.

(Mike and I on #thehousethatlovebuilt for the Schumann family.)

“We lost a lot of guys while I was over there,” said Bob. I assured him that while we would be honoring our local Gold Star families during our event on July 4th, we would also be honoring every family since 1776 that has given a loved one in the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

So join us this Fourth Of July and start off the celebration of your Independence Day by honoring all the families of the fallen! Let’s remember the price of our freedom and enjoy the most beautiful four mile stretch in Tequesta that is the exact course of the now-famous Turkey Trot! Delicious Bolay food, fun run for the kids, lots of great activities and of course- our wonderful Gold Star families!

Click here to register for our Run 4 Freedom race and begin a new family tradition!  By joining our race, you’ll be helping us to purchase another home for a Gold Star family, putting funds towards our American Gold Star Christmas project where we will proudly give gifts to 500 children of America’s fallen heroes, and supporting America’s Gold Star families in any way they need our hope and help. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

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