I’ve been dying to share a secret with all of you for the last several weeks– and then quite unexpectedly…we moved.

And I had a car crash. (I’m ok…and so is Soji…but the car– not so much.)

Then the house we moved into had a wee bit of a plumbing issue…and I have been doggie paddling and desperately wanting to share with all of you our newest idea for a fundraiser…

And so I give you…


Finally! A way for families to come together and give honor and hope and help to the families of America’s fallen soldiers!

The concept is simple:

~Register here.

*registration gets you two t-shirts and entry into the contests…

~Have a LemonAID stand any time during Memorial Day weekend.

~Donate funds raised through our website.


Can your little LemonAID stand at the end of your driveway really do all that? 


Your kids can play a big part in our fundraising efforts this summer and they can officially claim that they helped purchase a home for a Gold Star Family!

You know who else this is good for?

Girls Scouts.

Boy Scouts.

Sports Teams.


People in the political arena.

Dance Troops.


Theater groups.

Anyone. Truly…anyone.

Any moms group leaders? Bible study groups? Throw it out there– I had one mom raise $500 just by bringing it up at her morning Bible study! You never know how many grateful Americans you are surrounded by until you share a simple idea like this.

So do it.

We’ll be aiming for one stand in every state (so we can say we are nationwide!) and at least 50 stands in Palm Beach County! I want to give the youth of America a way to stop and honor those who have given us our every freedom over Memorial Day Weekend and also have some fun giving back to Gold Star families!

We’ll have an awesome prize for the cutest stand and another prize for the stand that raises the most money! My team has been hard at work making these prizes pretty darn incredible and over the next 2 weeks I can’t wait to share with you all about them!

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Consider Sharing to Support Gold Star Families

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Consider Sharing to Support Gold Star Families

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