#sweetsuccess with #LemonAID!

What an amazing and exciting #LemonAID turnout we had this past Memorial Day Weekend! While so many Americans gloss over or completely forget to honor the real reason behind the holiday weekend, our #believewithme families were hard at work raising money with our first annual #LemonAID event!

(This little gang of girls raised over $450 in ONE NIGHT!)

Over 59 stands throughout 6 six states worked hard to bring hope and help to America’s Gold Star families! Some of them went all out decorating, making crafts, baked goods (one stand even had steak sandwiches and glitter shells!)…

and other stands simply made a pitcher of powder lemonade mix and put it on a card table…

(I’m just going to be honest and say that this little group of four guys is probably my favorite stand.)

Either way, families of all types were working together, kids were learning the value of our freedom and lots of parents reported some amazing interactions with Law Enforcement Officers, veterans, and even Gold Star families who were brought to tears by the effort made on their behalf.

I love that this stand even had horses and riders stop off for refreshment!

You can’t see it in this picture, but this stand literally was an entire block in length! Complete with trampoline and brownies! Incredible!

(This sweet family was also a part of our #thehousethatlovebuilt project for Karen and Billy Vaughn. They were close personal friends of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, KIA 8/6/2011)

By all accounts, #LemonAID was a success.

And with nearly every donation in, I can safely say that together we raised $8,742! I’ll be announcing the winner of the four all-day park hopper tickets to DisneyWorld Tomorrow! So stay tuned!

All weekend long, between news reporters and going from stand to stand, my phone was blowing up with adorable pictures of families working together to help us raise funds towards a new home for a family of a fallen soldier. I was brought to tears so many times by adorable videos and sweet photos thinking how awesome all these families were to take time to stop and teach their children who and what this weekend was truly all about.

(This precious daughter became an American when her parents brought her into this country through international adoption. I love that Americans of all kinds participated in our events!)

And for they first time in my life, I felt that tangibly, we were all making a difference for the families of our nation’s fallen soldiers on a weekend that has been largely relegated as the official “kick off of summer” and slated for nothing but retail sales. So thank you to all of you who participated by having a stand, sharing about the idea, donating online…or even just praying for us! I’m so glad that all of you #believewithme that we can truly make a difference in this nation when we remember the cost of our every freedom and opportunity!

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