YOU’RE INVITED! Believe With Me’s Build A Bear Party 11/18/2017!

I asked my junior board members for Believe With Me–aka my youngest children from ages 13 to 2– what was the best part of the Christmas gifts we donated to #goldstarkids last year? Without any hesitation, they all answered, “THE TEDDY BEARS!”

And so I emailed, called, (read between the lines– bugged the heck out of) Build-A-Bear. After finally filling out a grant request, Build-A-Bear donated 100 furry, adorable little friends for our #goldstarkids this Christmas!!!

Which is amazing (thank you Build-A-Bear!)— but even more amazing is that we are rounding nearly 550 children of fallen soldiers who have registered to receive gifts from grateful Americans at so far this year!

Which leaves me with a wonderful challenge– how do I come up with another 450 bears?

So here’s your big chance to bring your friends, your neighbors, kids from football teams, soccer teams, drama clubs….little kids, middle schoolers, teens and just plain ol’ patriotic neighbors– and come to Build-A-Bear at The Gardens Mall, Wellington Green, or the Build A Bear in Dallas at The Galleria on November 18 at any point during open hours. For only $10, you can purchase a bear for a child of a fallen soldier and stuff him with all the love, kindness, prayers and compassion you can stand. We’ll make sure that precious little furry friend gets into the hands of some very sweet Gold Star kid this Christmas!

Remember y’all, Christmas is an especially tough time for our families of the fallen. Memories flood in and pain can be overwhelming. This is an opportunity for all of us, as grateful Americans, to step in and let them know that we are thankful, we remember, and we honor them.

And for $10, you can’t buy a better lesson for your child in selfless honor, sacrifice, and patriotism than Believe With Me’s Build-A-Bear party on November 18th.

And if you can’t make it to the party, you can always donate here.

God bless you and God Bless America!

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YOU’RE INVITED! Believe With Me’s Build A Bear Party 11/18/2017!

I asked my junior board members for Believe With Me--aka my youngest children from ages 13 to 2-- what was the best part of the...

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