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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have our family traditions for Thanksgiving. We run a race, eat apple pie for breakfast, watch the Macy’s Parade, the Dog Show, It’s a Wonderful Life…all while we cook, snack, and snooze our way through until dinnertime when we stuff our faces full of yumminess prepared by my older daughters. It’s a joyful time.
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YOU’RE INVITED! Believe With Me’s Build A Bear Party 11/18/2017!

I asked my junior board members for Believe With Me–aka my youngest children from ages 13 to 2– what was the best part of the Christmas gifts we donated to #goldstarkids last year? Without any hesitation, they all answered, “THE TEDDY BEARS!” And so I emailed, called, (read between the lines– bugged the heck out of) Build-A-Bear. After finally filling out a grant request, Build-A-Bear donated 100 furry, adorable little friends for our #goldstarkids this Christmas!!!
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We Have a WINNER for #LemonAID!

All of our donations so far have added up to $9,295…. And Y’all, that is just amazing! To think that so many families took time out of their #memorialdayweekend to honor the families of our nation’s fallen military heroes…the number of parents and mentors that intentionally taught the youth of America the value and cost of their freedom…those of you that taught these young ones about what a #goldstarfamily is…just makes me so very proud. I’m proud of all of you for recognizing and honoring our precious Gold Star families.
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#sweetsuccess with #LemonAID!

What an amazing and exciting #LemonAID turnout we had this past Memorial Day Weekend! While so many Americans gloss over or completely forget to honor the real reason behind the holiday weekend, our #believewithme families were hard at work raising money with our first annual #LemonAID event!
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LemonAID registration has been going FANTASTIC! So many wonderful families are choosing to have a LemonAID stand over Memorial Day Weekend and help Believe With Me purchase a new home for one of America’s  Gold Star families! We are so excited about our #LemonAID stands that we are going to have a LEMONAID LAUNCH PARTY! Join Believe With Me at 6pm on May 25 at Anchorage Park in North Palm Beach under the big pavilion for the kick off to your Memorial Day Weekend! You’ll be able to pick up your packet of t-shirts for your stand (extra shirts will also be available for purchase), get Believe With Me notecards to tell potential donors more about how we bring hope and help to America’s Gold Star families, and get a yummy dinner from Bolay!
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I’ve been dying to share a secret with all of you for the last several weeks– and then quite unexpectedly…we moved. And I had a car crash. (I’m ok…and so is Soji…but the car– not so much.) Then the house we moved into had a wee bit of a plumbing issue…and I have been doggie paddling and desperately wanting to share with all of you our newest idea for a fundraiser… And so I give you… LemonAID!
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Nothing But The Best

It had been a rough couple of weeks nailing down supplies and support for #thehousethatlovebuilt for Karen and Billy Vaughn. One thing still looming large on my list was mattresses. Two bedrooms needed new mattresses and I had banged on the door of nearly every local mattress store from Martin and Palm Beach County I could find. I had email and phoned them all corporately and gotten no where. In desperation one day on the way home from swim practice with ten wet and hungry kids, I stopped off at City Mattress next to our neighborhood. I had already tried them by phone and email with no result, so this was a last ditch effort in person.
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Compassionate Capitalism

God is good to bring us on a journey that includes friends that become like family along the way. In our quest to bring hope and help to America’s Gold Star families, there have been a few individuals that have also brought their businesses along for the ride. We met Chris Gannon because the Rebacks love fried chicken. At the time, Chris was managing a local PDQ franchise that his family owned. His family is of Outback Steakhouse, Carraba’s, Bonefish Grill, and PDQ fame. To say the  Gannon’s know a little bit about business is an understatement…to say they are grateful Americans would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Chris is, in fact, one of the first people I called when I had this crazy idea of intersecting civilians and Gold Star families, and he jumped in with both feet.
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