An American Gold Star Christmas

Our American Gold Star Christmas project gives grateful Americans the opportunity to let our Gold Star kids know that they are remembered during the challenging Christmas season.

American Gold Star Christmas

Sponsor our Gold Star Families & their Wishlists

You can make a donation to sponsor Gold Star Kids for the American Gold Star Christmas project, here.

Donate to American Gold Star Christmas

An American Gold Star Christmas is an incredible opportunity for every grateful American to not only consider sponsoring a Gold Star Family at Christmas but to give towards our mission of teaching others about the precious cost of our everyday freedoms. We will be hosting wrapping parties where hundreds of volunteers (many of them high school & university students) will be taught about our Gold Star families and learn to recognize who paid for their every opportunity in this country..and in every aspect of our mission to give an incredible Christmas to more than 500 Gold Star kids–there are costs involved. Santa sacks, wrapping supplies, food for volunteers, print work…just to name a few. You can help with those costs with a donation of any size. You can make a donation for the American Gold Star Christmas project, here.


Send a Letter to a Gold Star Family

You can send a letter to a Gold Star Child this holiday season by clicking here.


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