Corporate Giving

Corporate giving makes it all possible.

Our mission would not be possible without the help of corporations coming alongside to bring hope and help to families of fallen soldiers.  When corporations back the cause of helping those left behind in the wake of a tragic military loss, grateful Americans from all across the country are eager to support those corporations. 


FedEx Contributions


Gold Star Families Served

15k+ Gifts

Sent out

21,680 HRS


Corporate giving can unify your company under a common cause. No cause is more unifying than the one of defending freedom and providing for those who have paid the ultimate price for it.


Opportunities to succeed in business are purchased with the freedoms and securities that the sacrifices of our Gold Star families continue to endure. By giving corporately, companies have a way to show their gratitude towards our families of the fallen.


Corporate gifts provide necessary funding and valuable partnerships. When businesses come alongside our mission of hope and help to Gold Star families, we always gain valuable input and many times trusted volunteers!


Corporate funding provides marketing and content for the businesses as well as Believe With Me. We love to let the world know who is supporting our Gold Star Families!

hand holding a heart

Corporate giving is a way our Gold Star families can feel the love from not just our dedicated volunteers, but from businesses at large. Every time they get a package from FedEx, they know that thousands of employees are remembering their sacrifices.


When a corporation gives to Believe With Me, their gift is magnified by the super-dollar-stretching ability of our dedicated staff. We make one dollar do the work of ten!

Helping Hands

A few of our sponsors


When FedEx steps in and covers the cost of shipping our Christmas gifts to Gold Star kids, it shows them that thousands of employees at FedEx care.

The Home Depot

When Home Depot sends us their volunteers to work on The House That Love Built, they show up with armfuls of supplies! We love how Home Depot supports Believe With Me alongside so many veteran causes!


When restaurant chains like Bolay sign up their entire employee roster to race the Freedom 4 Miler, it shows the measure of the corporation's resolve to make a difference in the lives of our Gold Star families.


The founders of DedicatedIT are DEDICATED to helping our Gold Star families feel the love from their company when they generously sponsor our events


A product safety manufacturer, RPB gladly supports Believe With Me by giving donations from the sales of certain products during military appreciation month and the month of Memorial Day

Fresh-Aire UV

With every Patriot and Warrior indoor air quality product sold, a portion of the proceeds benefits our initiatives to help families of the fallen.

HEW Hard Exercise Works

HEW Fitness is always throwing their weight behind Believe With Me (pun intended)! By giving monetarily and rallying support through their employees and members, HEW Fitness is a HUGE supporter of America’s Gold Star Families.


IHOP happily serves up love and pancakes at our Freedom 4 Miler each year. Sending their employees who are also veterans brings hope and healing, not to mention a ton of deliciousness, to our event!