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Freedom 4 Miler Run

The most meaningful and memorable four miles you'll ever run. Believe With Me's Freedom 4 Miler honors the sacrifices our fallen military members have made that we might live in freedom and security.

What To Expect

Each mile is lovingly named after a local fallen soldier and their families are at the finish line! Along the course, racers come to know these heroes as they listen to their favorite songs, are passed their favorite candies, learn nicknames and dreams for the future of these fallen soldiers. On July 4th, you will celebrate the lives of these and more than 700 other fallen soldiers whose families Believe With Me has served and honor their sacrifices.

Racers are encouraged to not only run but set up fundraising pages and teams so that they can help Believe With Me serve more than 1500 children this Christmas!

After Party following the event includes music, kid's crafts, delicious Bolay Food and HOT IHOP pancakes!

The House That Love Built

Gene and Kathi Sandburg's son, Brendan, was a Navy medic who deployed several times risking his life to fix broken Marines. Brendan loved his career in the military and served with honor and devotion. He was killed August 16, 2008, when his helicopter tragically crashed into a valley during a training exercise. Gene and Kathi were paralyzed by grief and lost their business and home in the months following the death of their son.

The House That Love Built is YOUR opportunity to restore Gene and Kathi to owning a piece of the country their son died for! Gene is a Vietnam Veteran and he and Kathi have since opened their own cottage business selling delicious candied nuts at various local fairs, shows, and outdoor events. Be a part of this amazing endeavor to give back to this family that has endured impossible grief! Let's restore Gene and Kathi to home ownership and show them that America is a grateful nation for their sacrifice!

Event Sponsors

A special thanks to our valued sponsors for their support of this annual event.

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