LemonAID Across America

#LemonAID gives parents an opportunity to teach their children about the cost of our freedoms and families a fun way to honor these fallen soldiers and their families!
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What is #LemonAID 

#LemonAID is YOUR opportunity to give back to families of fallen soldiers over Memorial Day Weekend! Memorial Day was always meant to be more than just the official kick-off for summer, a day to hang out at the beach, or bar-b-que with friends. On Memorial Day, we should stop and reflect on the lives lost defending our nation. #LemonAID gives parents an opportunity to teach their children about the cost of our freedoms and families a fun way to honor these fallen soldiers and their families! 

It’s simple. Purchase your t-shirts and register your stand. Host a #LemonAID stand anywhere over Memorial Day Weekend— your driveway, a local park, shopping center, or even a place of business! We’ll send you marketing materials and you collect funds from your #LemonAID stand patrons. At the end of your stand, donate your earnings online to Believe With Me! 

Your #LemonAID stand could be as simple or as ornate as you want — and by registering your stand, you will be entering the contest for “Cutest Stand” and also a separate contest for “Most Funds Raised!” #LemonAID is a great way to teach your children patriotism, entrepreneurialism, and selflessness! Host as many stands as you would like over the weekend- any time between Friday, May 24th- Monday, May 27th! 

All funds will be given towards helping us purchase a new home for the Sandburg Family.


#LemonAID Goal: A New Home for a Gold Star Family

Our first #LemonAID event was 2017. With passionate parents, hardworking kids, and a few businesses on board, we raised just over $10,000. In 2018, that total more than doubled to $22,000. Help us make 2019 a banner year!

We are hoping to raise $35,000 this Memorial Day Weekend! With your help, we’ll be closer than ever to purchase a home for the Sandburg Family.

Gene and Kathi Sandburg lost their son, Brendon, in a Naval helicopter crash on August 16, 2007. Gene, a Vietnam veteran, and Kathi had been business owners in the Port St. Lucie area for decades. The crushing grief after the death of Brendon took nearly everything this couple had worked for their entire lives - emotionally, physically, and financially— Gene and Kathi were devastated.

Since 2012, Gene and Kathi have been running a new venture, “A Couple of Nuts.” They sell delicious candied nuts of several different varieties and go from fairs to boat shows and the like! Not only are the nuts delicious, but they are served with a smile and always something to look forward to at any event! 

Believe With Me wants to restore the Sandburg’s to home ownership. We think that to have paid the ultimate price for this nation and not own a piece of the land your son died for is a travesty. Help us this Memorial Day Weekend by hosting a #LemonAID stand with your family and contribute towards making Gene and Kathi homeowners again in the Land of the Free because of the brave! 

Your #LemonAID kit will include:

  • The number of t-shirts you order!
  • Believe With Me informational cards to give to #LemonAID patrons!
  • Freedom 4 Miler cards to encourage participation in our July 4th run. Not local? No problem! Run virtually! Still get the race bib, t-shirt, and medal!
  • Poster to hold or display at your #LemonAID stand letting passers-by know what you are raising money for