Student Ambassador

Students all across the country from various middle schools, high schools and universities are coming together to Bring Hope and Help to America's Gold Star Families! Their passion to serve and their desire to give back to the families of our fallen soldiers is nothing short of inspirational!

A group of five students raising money for Gold Star Christmas in Walmart

Students working hard and making a difference to those who protect us

Students have served for hours on end wrapping gifts for our Gold Star Kids through our #GoldStarChristmas project...learning about the individual soldiers who have given their lives as they shop, wrap and pack our gifts. They have worked tirelessly renovating The House That Love Built, where Believe With Me restores a family of a fallen soldier to owning a piece of the country their son gave his life for. They have packaged Valentine's Day gifts for our Gold Star widows and consistently promoted our organization to their schools, friends, teammates and youth groups!

Whether it's through LemonAID stands, dress down days, collecting toys at their schools or any other number of creative ways they have raised awareness and funds for Believe With Me, one thing is certain - this next generation of patriots is ready, willing, and more than capable of giving back to our Gold Star community in a big way! Listen to the impact serving Believe With Me has had on these students in the video below!

Two student ambassadors posing next to the parent of a fallen soldier

Want to Become a Student Ambassador

If you are thankful for the freedoms paid for by our fallen military heroes and their families, then volunteering with Believe With Me is an awesome opportunity for you to give back to them! Join us throughout the year during various projects to serve these families that have sacrificed so much!