schumann family accepting the flag

The Harris Babyshower

Christopher Michael Harris was killed just one week after learning he was to become a father…

Christopher Michael Harris

When Britt Harris told her husband he was going to be a daddy, he was overjoyed. Just a few days later, Christopher Michael Harris was Killed In Action. Believe With Me was honored to throw a Baby Blessing for Britt in honor of her husband’s sacrifice and grateful Americans from all across the country gave towards this initiative to let Britt know that her loss was meaningful and deserved support. Serving those left behind like Britt Harris, her daughter Christian, and her mother-in-law Sue has been an incredible honor as we also remember them yearly with gifts through our  Gold Star Christmas project.

  • britt harris standing in front of sign
  • group of people sitting in a large room for the baby shower
  • gifts laying on the table
  • gifts laying on table