Lisa Heintz holding her son's portrait at the Freedom 4 miler

Reinwasser Family

Serving all members of a Gold Star Family...

SrA Joshua Allen Reinwasser 10-26-95/11-11-18 aged 23

Selene 01/03/17, almost 3

On Veteran’s Day 2018, Joshua Reinwasser took his life, leaving behind his mother (Lisa Heintz), wife (Ivy) as well as a baby girl named Selene. He also left behind siblings Dierk, Megan, Caty, and Dominik. Within just a few weeks of his death, his mother Lisa reached out to Believe With Me for our Gold star Christmas project on behalf of her granddaughter. In January, Lisa became a part of our Freedom 4 Miler race committee and joined us in raising money and gathering sponsorships. Serving alongside our team, Lisa became the face of our PTSD suicide families that we serve - of whom there are many.  

SrA Joshua Reinwasser wanted to be a soldier since he was 5. He was so proud to serve in the Air Force. He knew he was a part of something greater than himself. He knew that we lived in the greatest country in the world, which he was serving and protecting. When he was medically retired, he was crushed. He tried to join the City of Detroit PD but due to that same medical issue, he was unable. He spiraled into a deep depression, and even though he requested help, it didn’t come soon enough and he became one of the 22 Veterans that take their own life on 11/11/18.


PTSD suicide is when the soldier loses the battle in his mind after the war in front of him he is over. Many of our soldiers return from the battlefield still grappling with images and encounters that as civilians we can not comprehend. Add to the stress a Traumatic Brain Injury or series of serious concussions from IED blasts and what we have is a recipe for disaster. In the aftermath, many soldier’s families are left with no life insurance, no death benefits, and most lose their health insurance and basic salaries to boot. Imagine — after dealing with a husband who suffers from PTSD so severely for several months or in some cases YEARS, to discovering the suicide and then losing everything financially…all while dealing with a crippling loss and being left as a single parent…how does one even cope? That’s where Believe With Me comes in and offers whatever help we can. It’s the least we can do as grateful Americans. Although through horrific circumstances, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside Joshua’s family.  

His mother Lisa Heintz said, ”Serving with Believe With Me has allowed me to honor Joshua. He learned from me how much I help everyone and he was the same way. By helping the other Gold Star Families, it combines all the things Joshua held dear: serving others, honoring our military heroes and families, but most of all Love.”