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Saved the Family Farm

Serving all members of a Gold Star Family...

Tony Jonovitch is a Marine. A Grateful American. A small business owner to more than three restaurants on Lake Lanier in Georgia. Tony became an integral part of the Believe With Me family when he jumped on board with our LemonAID fundraiser and has since raised more than $50,000 to bring hope and help to America’s Gold Star families.

Tony and his crew at Skogies on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia! Tony and his wife Heather have done so much for Believe With Me! 

Through his efforts, word got back to him that a local Resaca, Georgia Gold Star Family was in desperate financial need. After the death of their son through friendly fire, the family’s farm had fallen into foreclosure and was about to be seized by the bank. The lawyer on the job contacted Tony knowing he had more than just a soft spot for Gold Star families. Tony contacted our board and within a few hours, we were able to determine that this was definitely something we could do! Thanks to Tony and his efforts in Georgia, not only have we been able to supply monetary help to dozens of Gold Star families, but we have also been able to stop the seizure of a local (generations owned) family farm right in Tony’s neck of the woods. Tony’s leadership and relationships with local businesses after years of building trust among those partnerships has allowed Believe With Me to grow exponentially in the number of Gold Star families we are able to serve!

Just one grateful American. One Marine. One man who loves his country has been able to leverage his community relationships into $50,000 in three years. That’s a story of hope worth sharing and believing in.