Remember the Fallen

We live in a world where kids just don’t realize that their opportunities have cost many generations much sacrifice. Most children today have no idea that over 1.5 million American patriots have paid the ultimate price for their freedoms and opportunities to succeed at school, sports, and life. At Believe With Me, that cost is up close and personal as we wrap gifts for hundreds of Gold Star children at Christmas, serve alongside veterans and Gold Star family members at a Gold Star home renovation project, or as we serve Gold Star Mothers over Mother’s Day. We resolve to remember the fallen and let their life of sacrifice light the way for the next generation.

Restore hope for the ones left behind

When a Gold Star widow gets a box full of gifts for her children from Believe With Me’s An American Gold Star Christmas project, she breathes hope knowing that her children are remembered at the holidays. When she opens Believe With Me’s An American Sweetheart gift at Valentine’s Day, she is filled with hope. When Believe With Me hosts our American Gold Star Mother’s Day Dinner, our Gold Star moms are filled with hope knowing that their child is not forgotten. Believe With Me’s The House That Love Built project restores a Gold Star family to home ownership after the military death of their loved one child has decimated their finances… truly restoring their hope that the nation has not forgotten their son and their continued sacrifices since his death.

Rebuild the Foundation

Between the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, it is plain that our nation was founded on the principles of a Sovereign God, an equality among humankind, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, unity, justice, domestic tranquility and the well being of our citizenry. The families of our fallen soldiers have given the ultimate sacrifice so that each American could experience all of these things. In America today we have become increasingly separate, ever more divided, easily offendable and heartbreakingly disunified. Serving Gold Star families that have lost a loved one so that we may have security, that we may pursue life and happiness, so that we may experience equality and justice, gives new meaning and purpose to our volunteers and donors. We often tell our young people that serve alongside us- “Live A Life Worthy…live a life that would make the loss and the heartbreak of our Gold Star families mean something.” We want our volunteers from all walks of life, various stages and ages, different backgrounds, religions and political viewpoints to come together in unity and recognize that it is because of the 1.5 million patriots that have given their lives in service to this country that we have the freedom to disagree, have the right pursue our own happiness, to secure the blessings of liberty individually and corporately, and to prosper. We believe that by giving Americans the opportunity to give gratitude to our Gold Star families, we naturally inspire them to a greater civic duty, a higher propensity for peaceful and respectful civil discourse and engagement, a stronger family unit and ultimately a better nation.

Believe With Me that we can build a better America when we remember the cost of our freedoms and opportunities.

Board Members

The Reback Family

Believe With Me Board Members

Believe With Me was founded in 2015 by David and Lyette Reback. Their oldest daughters also serve on the executive board. As far back as can be traced, on both sides of the family, men have served in the military. Although David and Lyette have not served in any branch of the military, they have dedicated themselves to serving families who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. David is the CEO of his own general contracting business, Daly Development, and the managing director of the family real estate firm, Reback Realty. Lyette is the CEO of Believe With Me and homeschools the children.

The Gannon Family

Believe With Me Board Members

Chris Gannon is CEO and Founder of Bolay, a fresh, fast casual dining establishment that caters to the health conscious and bold consumer. The Gannons live their lives grateful for the sacrifices our families of fallen soldiers continue to make- and it is in their honor that the Gannons strive to live a life worth of the high cost of freedom. Chris Gannon and his wife Jacqui have a daughter named Piper and are expecting a son in November.