Our Promise

We Promise to Honor the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers.

We promise to teach the next generation the cost of their freedoms and opportunities.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where kids just don’t realize that their opportunities have cost many generations so much sacrifice. Most children today have no idea that over 1.5 million American patriots have paid for their freedom and their every opportunity to succeed at school, sports, and life. At Believe With Me, that cost is up close and personal as we wrap gifts for Gold Star children at Christmas, serve alongside veterans and Gold Star family members at a home renovation project, and as we serve Gold Star Mothers over Mother’s Day.

At every Believe With Me event, there are dozens of children, teenagers, and college kids selflessly serving. I’ve seen 14 year old boys with bloodied blisters shoveling for hours on end in the South Florida summer heat during an extreme home makeover, show up the very next day for more! We’ve had teenagers stay up night after night crafting paper flowers to send to Gold Star widows for Valentine’s Day. College kids serve tirelessly and work late into the night wrapping Christmas gifts for Gold Star children. The next generation is hungry to serve, and Believe With Me gives them an opportunity to do so while learning appreciation for the cost of their every opportunity in America.

We promise to bridge the gap between military and civilian families.

Our wars happen on another shore, our fights seem so far away. Many Americans go about their day to day without much of a thought for our military, their families, and the incredible cost they bear on behalf of us all. At Believe With Me, we know that the fastest way to bridge this gap is to give everyday Americans an opportunity to show gratitude, a way to serve alongside military families and to gather strength from those who have fought the good fight for us. It’s a beautiful crossroads: military families feel encouraged, civilian families are inspired.

We promise to remember the loved ones left behind.

At Believe With Me, we know that the heartbreak of losing a loved one is never healed by time. But we can bring America’s Gold Star families hope and help and let them know that America is indeed a grateful nation.

Remember the Fallen – As long as we speak their name, they are not forgotten. Gold Star families love to tell their loved one’s story. They want to talk about their son’s favorite sport, their daughter’s memories. When we remember the lost, we bring joy to the Gold Star family.

Restoring Hope For the Families of the Fallen – we want our Gold Star families to know that their loved one’s death has not been forgotten. Believe With Me that we can make a difference in the lives of Gold Star families and everyday Americans as we work together to bring hope and help to America’s Gold Star families.

Reviving Faith in America – Unapologetically American. The immigrant knows the value of our freedoms and opportunities. Every nationality all across the globe knocks at the door of our embassies and immigration offices seeking asylum or a better life. However you choose to participate in a Believe With Me event, you’ll be a part of reviving faith in our great nation. Oh yeah, and we aren’t just talking about faith IN America, but faith FOR America. We believe in the same God our Founding Fathers called upon for this nation’s conception, and we’ll be unashamed in sharing that faith in every project we complete.

Rebuild the Foundations – We are not just building an organization, we are rebuilding a nation…one Gold Star family at a time. We believe that when we give everyday Americans the opportunity to serve Gold Star families, the realization of the cost of their freedom and opportunities will propel them to love their country, love their families, and take the blessing of freedom and the responsibility such liberty provides us with seriously.

#believewithme that we can build a better America we when recognize the cost of our freedoms and opportunities!

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