1 Child Family

Frison Family

10/05/2011 D/M/Y

An American Gold Star Christmas is your opportunity to give back to a family whose loved one paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

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1 Child Family

1st LT Demetrius Frison US Army was Killed In Action May 10th, 2011. My husband loved his country, he loved Jesus, he loved his family, and he loved his platoon. He was known as Hellfire by his men after his heroic actions during a particular mission. He received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star posthumously.

Believe With Me has many families with one child awaiting sponsorship this Christmas. Sponsor a family like the Frison family this special holiday season and let them know that America remembers and is grateful for their continued sacrifices.

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$100.00 Sponsorship per child includes:
Fulfilling their personalized gift wish list request!
Personalized Santa Sack, handwritten tag, tied with a big red bow!
Teddy Bear for squeezing and cuddling!
Encouraging Devotional Book!
Camo themed Bible!
Gold Star tissue paper, flag, and specially printed materials to personalize their gift experience!
Boxes to ship and other packaging necessities to make sure their gifts arrive safely and intact!
Shipping and handling costs!
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