5 Child Family

Parker-Skinner Family

26/10/2005 D/M/Y

An American Gold Star Christmas is your opportunity to give back to a family whose loved one paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

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5 Child Family

I met Evan in 1996 at South Haven High. We immediately became the best of friends. After about a year of him asking, I finally gave in and became his girlfriend. We married July of 1999 and welcomed our first son November 1999 and then our second August 2001. Evan joined the Army May of 1999 as a FSS and we were stationed in Hawaii. Evan was an amazing man who would do anything for anyone. He had a fiery side. He deployed to Iraq in November of ’04 and was due home Nov-Dec ’05. Evan was killed 10/26/05 by a roadside bomb. He saved many of his men that day but left behind me and our 2 boys. In March of 2010, I remarried to a Marine Cpl. Michael A Skinner who was killed Aug 2, 2013 while he was riding his motorcycle. Michael served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was full of life and love. He would walk into a room and liven the place up. Michael and I had 3 boys together (5 boys total) he loved all 5 boys with everything he had and was.

Believe With Me has several families with five children awaiting sponsorship this Christmas. Sponsor a family of five children like the Parker family this special holiday season and let them know that America remembers and is grateful for their continued sacrifice.

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$100.00 Sponsorship per child includes:
Fulfilling their personalized gift wish list request!
Personalized Santa Sack, handwritten tag, tied with a big red bow!
Teddy Bear for squeezing and cuddling!
Encouraging Devotional Book!
Camo themed Bible!
Gold Star tissue paper, flag, and specially printed materials to personalize their gift experience!
Boxes to ship and other packaging necessities to make sure their gifts arrive safely and intact!
Shipping and handling costs!
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