Serving America's Gold Star Families

Believe With Me that we can make a difference in the hearts and minds of Americans when we remember the high price of our freedom. Join us as we serve America's Gold Star families...those who have lost a loved one in the service of our nation's military.

From Christmas gifts for Gold Star kids to Valentine's bouquets for America's Gold Star widows and even to renovating the homes of bereaved parents of our fallen soldiers, Believe With Me is connecting everyday Americans with our Gold Star families and giving them the incredible opportunity to give gratitude to those who have paid for our every freedom with the ones dearest to their heart.

Believe With Me-- where everyday Americans get the chance to give thanks for their extraordinary freedoms.


The House That Love Built

The response to the segment on The Today Show for An American Gold Star Christmas was completely overwhelming! ALL of our Gold Star kids got sponsored, our Amazon Wish List got cleaned out, and donations have completely covered the cost of this year’s American Gold Star Christmas. But now’s the time to really roll up…

An American Gold Star Christmas

Our American Gold Star Christmas project gives grateful Americans the opportunity to let our Gold Star kids know that they are remembered during the challenging Christmas season. Sponsor a Gold Star Child’s Wishlist You can make a donation to sponsor Gold Star Kids for the American Gold Star Christmas project, here. Donate to American Gold…

American Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is another opportunity for us to remember the cost of our freedom. Dozens of local volunteers craft beautiful arrangements for our Gold Star wives to let them know that they are not forgotten. Many women said that these were the first flowers they had received since their husband’s funeral. Consider Sharing to Support…


Believe With Me is Going to DC!!

I'm always amazed at how God can use the passions of our heart and give us opportunities to share those passions with others in a

Look At What YOU Did!

From Gold Star wife Amy Dozier...a grateful participant in our American Gold Star Christmas: This past Christmas, my daughter Emma and I carried on our

The Reality

I went to Karen and Billy Vaughn's house yesterday for an interview with a news station about our project, The House That Love Built. I

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