Hello, fellow Patriot and friend of Gold Star families!

We are so very thankful that you are interested in supporting & serving America’s Gold Star Families! There are a number of ways in which you can pitch in:


The projects that Believe With Me completes each year tally up to more than $600,000 per year. This stuff ain’t cheap. Christmas gifts for more than 1000 Gold Star kids, Valentines Day gifts for hundreds of widows, a newly renovated home for a Gold Star family, and the various surprise projects we do each year add up quick! Every $5 or $5000 helps! Consider making a donation in support of our efforts in serving America’s Gold Star Families and know that your donations also give hundreds of students yearly the opportunity to serve these precious families as well…


We need help in so many ways! Volunteering to serve at Believe With Me’s An American Gold Star Mother’s Day dinner function, rebuilding a home during Believe With Me’s The House That Love Built, or wrapping gifts for Believe With Me’s An American Gold Star Christmas— It all takes helping hands and we need you! Feel free to pass on information about #BelieveWithMe by sharing this page on your social media or in an email to friends, family, and business associates!

Just some of the possible projects you could be a part of:

  • An American Sweetheart (January 20-February 8)
  • Gold Star Mother’s Day Dinner (end of April )
  • LemonAid (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • Freedom 4-Miler (July 4)
  • An American Gold Star Christmas (November – December)
  • The House That Love Built (December 26-January 2)

Consider signing up to become a volunteer for future events by clicking on the link below

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