Believe With Me’s promise: To honor and remember the fallen, restore hope for the loved ones left behind, and rebuild the foundation of America’s commitment to live a life worthy of these sacrifices.

Gold Star Christmas

America’s opportunity to spread JOY and LOVE, and HONOR and REMEMBER the children left behind, while reminding them that Americans have not forgotten their family’s sacrifice, especially during the holiday season.

The House That Love Built

A project of HONOR. The House That Love Built ensures that Gold Star Parents own a home in the nation their son or daughter gave their life for.

Our programs are honor based, because we believe in honoring the sacrifice that has already been paid.

Gold Star Mother's Day

A project of SERVICE. Civilian mothers host an event bringing hope and help to the mothers of our fallen service members. We honor their loss and commit to raising the next generation to live a life worthy of their sacrifices.

American Sweetheart

A project of REMEMBRANCE. A time for Grateful Americans to REMEMBER and wrap a loving embrace around the wives who experienced the ultimate and devastating loss of their spouse, and have become America’s Sweethearts.

Are you a Gold Star Family?

If so, we would love to serve you! Please visit our Gold Star Community to register with us for our programs and find connection!