When a family suffers the loss of a loved one, the devastation that follows is overwhelming. At Believe With Me, we want to reach out to America’s Gold Star families and bring them hope and help however we can. Our biggest project to date has been The House That Love Built.

In 2008, America was hit hard with a recession that caused many of us to suffer losses financially. In the year 2011, Karen and Billy Vaughn lost their home, their business, and their son Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn (KIA Afghanistan).

But there was hope after a news story aired about Believe With Me’s An American Gold Star Christmas. The most #gratefulamericans from all across the country flooded us with messages of wanting to bring hope and help to our Gold Star families…So we took the opportunity to do just that!

We got a new home for the Vaughn family!

The house that love built | Believe with Me

Yes, I’m crazy. Yes, that’s huge and outrageous and at one time seemed impossible.

The Vaughn’s were the second recipients of an extreme home makeover. We also renovated an existing home for another local Gold Star family who were gracious enough to give so many fellow friends and citizens the opportunity to say thank you for their sacrifice!

I’ve seen thousands of believing and #gratefulamericans jump on board and help purchase the Vaughn’s a new home…and I’ve witnessed a community full of grateful Americans who are ready, willing, and able to do the same for other Gold Star families!

Donating ANY amount — $5, $10, or even more — moves us closer to one of America’s Gold Star families that has not only given us their son or daughter, mother or father, husband or wife. We can’t bring back the precious lives that have been lost, but we can let families know that America remembers and that we are a grateful nation. Make your donation today.

Help us by praying, sharing, and donating. Any amount is an investment into the lives of our families of the fallen. It’s an investment into the teens and families that will be serving tirelessly to restore a Gold Star family into a new or renovated home. It’s an investment into making America #goldstarstrong!

The house that love built questions and answers | Believe with Me

How many people are on staff at Believe With Me?
None. This is a work of heart. Everything is done by committed volunteers.

What percentage of my money will go directly to this project?
All of it. Currently, our administrative and operational costs have been generously underwritten.

I don’t like PayPal or giving electronically– how else can I donate?
Many of you have written and want to send a check instead of donating electronically. That’s just fine! Make check payable to Believe With Me and send to:

Believe With Me
11420 US Hwy 1 PMB 122
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

#TheHouseThatLoveBuilt is your opportunity to give back to Gold Star Parents AND help the entire community as we have hundreds of volunteers working to renovate, landscape, paint, furnish, and decorate an incredible gift of gratitude! When you give to The House That Love Built, you are giving hundreds of high schoolers, college kids, young families, veterans, and other Gold Star families the opportunity to serve together and grow in love and mutual respect! C’mon and #believewithme!