Gold Star Christmas

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This Christmas, bring joy to the families of fallen soldiers.

Are you a grateful American? Looking for a way to show your gratitude for the families of fallen soldiers? Wanting to let the children of America’s fallen heroes know that they are not forgotten and their sacrifices matter in the lives of every day Americans? Then Gold Star Christmas is your opportunity to bring joy and hope into the holiday season of families who have lost a loved one in the service of our nation’s military.

Are you a Gold Star Family?

Are you a Gold Star Family? Have you lost a loved one in the service of our nation’s military? Register today and join the Believe With Me family. Our mission is to bring hope and help to the lives of those left behind when a soldier has lost his life in service to our country. Killed In Action, Killed In Training, PTSD Suicide and death due to combat-related illnesses and exposures are all eligible to register for Gold Star Christmas. 

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Want to Volunteer to Help with
Gold Star Christmas?

Every year we need countless volunteers to help with everything from shopping for toys to packing boxes. If you are going to be in the greater Palm Beach County area and have time to help, please let us know. Simply complete the form in this section to get started.